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Post release 2017

On December 12, Ljubljana (Slovenia) hosted Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: a large event in the Balkans dedicated to blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrencies. The conference was attended by over 250 participants, and the floor was taken by 15 speakers.

Slovenia is blockchain friendly country. The government seeks to explore the technology of the distributed ledger (both at the country level and as part of international groups); the technology is included in the digitalization plan of the country called Digital Slovenia 2020 as a separate initiative of Blockchain Slovenia. There is a big support of the decentralized technologies on the part of business and society: the county has a number of well-known blockchain companies (SunContract, Bitstamp, Bitnik, Viberate) and Bitcoin Association, a public organization promoting cryptocurrencies.

Despite this, Slovenia still has unresolved issues related to the regulation of cryptocurrencies and activities of blockchain companies. Therefore, Smile-Expo has organized Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia, a platform where business and government representatives could discuss topical issues and learn about the experience of colleagues from other countries.

Key speakers and topics

The Government of Slovenia was represented by Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary of the Prime Minister of Slovenia and one of the developers of the national blockchain strategy. He became an active participant of the discussion on blockchain regulation of the country, covering the topic together with Matjaž Južina (representative of the Bank of Slovenia), Jure Pirc (President of the Bitcoin Association) and blockchain experts Peter Merc and Mitja Kumar.

Jure Pirc also spoke at the conference, describing the process of blockchain and bitcoin implementation in Slovenia.

On contrary, the report of the US speaker John Collins (Head of the international consulting company Red Flag Consulting) was dedicated to the future: he talked about the prospects for global regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Prospects of the cryptocurrency market was covered in the report of Luka Gubo (HEDGE): What will the future of the crypto investing bring?

Business coach and ex-employee of Google Aleks Bozhinov spoke about the ‘growthacking’, an innovative approach to marketing. His report, Growthacking/Online Marketing & Sales, was addressed to young blockchain companies: this approach is often used for startups, since it gives quick results for a limited time and budget.

The speech of Peter Geršak (IBM) was addressed to the developers: he told about the blockchain framework of Hyperledger Fabric. Yuri Sidorovich (Deloitte) covered the topic of cryptocurrency regulation in the modern world, and Matjaž Slak dedicated his speech to ICO (“When is a project ready for the crowdsale”).

One of the most anticipated report was that of Vit Jedlicka, the President of the Republic of Liberland. The 7 km2 state formed on the “free” territory between Serbia and Croatia is built in the form of blockchain-based electronic services. The network uses the Mérito cryptocurrency for its operations: it is the internal national currency that forms the infrastructure of Liberland and is used for voting.

Exhibition of blockchain projects

As part of the conference, there was an exhibition area presenting blockchain innovations. Among the companies presented were:

  • IBM, a provider of high-tech solutions;
  • Exmo, a crypto exchange;
  • Flashboys, a company offering blockchain-based business solutions;
  • Frigate, a project that provides assistance to business in managing cryptocurrency assets, and ICO holding;
  • Zangll, a blockchain service for real estate renting;
  • Bitknap, a company that provides mining equipment;
  • Insurepal, an insurance service on blockchain;
  • CoinTraffic, an advertising network working with websites and cryptocurrencies;
  •, one of the largest online exchanges for crypto trading.

All exhibitors presented their projects in the format of a pitch session (a series of short presentations).

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