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Manager of T2S European single platform to participate in BBC Slovenia

Manager of T2S European single platform to participate in BBC Slovenia

Matjaž Južina, Consultant analyst at Payment and Settlement Systems department (Bank of Slovenia), will talk about the blockchain regulation in Slovenia with other participants of the panel discussion at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia.

The expert has been working in the banking sector and exploring modern financial technologies for more than 15 years.

Matjaž Južina joined the Bank of Slovenia as a Risk manager soon after the graduation from the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Economics) in 1999. Since 2001, he has been cooperating with the Payment and Settlement department. He is responsible for payment systems. Therefore, Matjaž is thoroughly investigating all payment methods, including non-banking ones. He focuses on Fintech / DLT, in particular their application in the banking sector, as well as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Over the previous few months, Matjaž Južina has been a Manager of Eurosystem’s single technical platform for the settlement of securities transactions. The project is called TARGTE2-Securities (T2S). Currently, this securities transaction platform is successfully functioning and processing at least 550 000 transactions per day.

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