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ICO service uniting blockchain and offline service market is launched

ICO service uniting blockchain and offline service market is launched

The Crystal Clear blockchain startup, designed to integrate innovative online technologies and the offline services market, started ICO on September 8. The token sale will last for another three weeks, the project website reports.

According to the developers, the main goal of the application is to save the offline services market from opacity and management challenges. First of all, Crystal Clear is a social project designed to help ordinary people from different countries to solve everyday problems related to the sphere of services.

In fact, Crystal Clear is a platform for meeting service providers and customers. The main feature of the project is the use of distributed registry technology. None of the users will be able to change the history of the transactions, falsify reviews, remove negative feedback and in any other way mislead other users. All information is recorded in a chain of blocks and is not subject to any changes.

Among other advantages Crystal Clear are its own reputation system, fix prices for both parties, bonuses and awards for users, the ability to conduct auctions, Black List function, built-in wallet, individual notification settings and much more. All this is available on a phone or tablet application. The interface is simple and convenient, and control is intuitive for any user.

Crystal Clear users will be able to use internal tokens, CCT, to pay for the products and services offered on the platform. In such a way, authors of the project plan to provide liquidity of the cryptocurrency. The use of tokens within the platform will allow participants to receive discounts on the products presented, which should stimulate the activity.

The CCT Token is currently sold for Ethereum at the rate of 1 CCT = 0.01 ETH. A total of 10 million CCTs were produced.


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